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Pure vanilla, with its wonderful aromatic flavor, is the most widely used flavoring in pastries , confections, and other desserts.  It is the second most expensive spice in the world, next to saffron.  As you learn about vanilla you start to appreciate why it is so expensive.  It begins with a celadon colored orchid, the only orchid of about 20,000 varieties that bears anything edible.   Today about 70 - 80% of the world's vanilla comes from the islands of Madagascar and Reunion in the Indian Ocean where the plants were first introduced around 1840.    The  Madagascar or Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla beans are often referred to as "bourbon beans" because the French first planted the vine on the Isle de Bourbon.   These beans have a smooth, rich, sweet flavor and are the thinnest of the vanilla beans grown.

It’s no wonder why vanilla cigars are the top selling flavored cigar.   When vanilla meets premium tobacco you have a beautiful infusion of sweetness and aroma that even non-smokers then to enjoy.   The competition is fierce among the cigar manufacturers to produce the best vanilla cigar on the market.   That gives you a nice variety of choices from sweet creamy natural vanilla to sharp tasting vanilla cigars.   They are all aromatic and a crowd pleaser where smoking a cigar might not be the norm.

Here is a list of the cigars which contain vanilla in their flavoring. 



Backwoods Vanilla CigarsBackwoods Vanilla
A sweet pipe tobacco blended cigar with a aromatic vanilla flavor.  A great tasting and smelling cigar at an exceptional everyday smoking price!





Smokin Joes Cigars VanillaSmokin Joes Vanilla
Miniature flavored cigars packaged in packs of 20 cigars.  Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 for a total of 200 mini flavored cigars.  Tasty!



CAO Moontrance CigarsCAO Moontrance Cigars
An intricate blend of natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla.  Renowned for its caramel-like sweetness, bourbon vanilla is mixed with Georgia peaches and other organic fruits, then splashed with white Hawaiian honey.





CAO Bella Vanilla CigarsCAO Bella Vanilla Cigars
A mild blend of Dominican tobacco is gently misted with exquisite vanilla extract in a very aromatic cigar.



Cojimar Senora Vanilla BOX CigarsCojimar Vanilla Cigars
A sweet combination of vanilla and premium tobacco.  Medium bodied and very aromatic.





Cusano Dominican Sweets Vanilla CigarsCusano Vanilla Cigars
Sweet vanilla combined with long filler premium tobacco.  A very smooth and mild bodied cigar.



Havana Honey Corona DelSol CigarsHavana Honey Vanilla Cigars
Natural vanilla infused into premium mild tobacco gives this cigar a sweet and mild taste that is super smooth.  It smells and tastes great!





Heavenly Torpedo CigarsHeavenly Vanilla Cigars
This is the cigar that made Heavenly famous!  The very first flavor they created and its INCREDIBLE!  Sweet creamy vanilla in every puff from start to finish.  Very aromatic and pleasant for even non-smokers.



Island Vanilla Cigars BoxIsland Vanilla Cigars
Island cigars have a sweet vanilla bouquet, combined with a blend of
100% natural tobacco to bring you an incredibly smooth smoke with a pleasurable spicy body.





La Aurora Principies BoxLa Aurora Vanilla Cigars
This is a quality short-filler cigar, offering a flavorful medium-bodied taste and smooth draw with a touch of sweet vanilla.  A cigar with an excellent aroma which is also easy on the wallet!



Oliveros Cigars BoxOliveros Vanilla Cigars
Oliveros Long Lady takes traditional handmade cigar making to the next level.  Premium tobacco and a touch of sweet vanilla creates a flavor infusion that you will love to smoke!





Oliveros Cigars Cha-Cha-Cha BoxOliveros Cha-Cha-Cha Cigars
Roasted Cocoa - Vanilla - Spanish Red Wine.
A unique combination of flavors in a mild cigar that you will love!



Oliveros Cigars Mambo BoxOliveros Short Lady
Mambo Cigars
Vanilla Beans - Cherries - Tropical Honey
An incredible mixture that you must try!





Primetime Vanilla Cigar PacksPrimetime Vanilla Cigars
Miniature flavored cigars packaged in packs of 10 cigars.  Each carton contains 10 packs of 10 for a total of 100 mini flavored cigars.  Medium bodied smoke with lots of flavor.  Aromatic and sweet!



Tatiana LaVita Vanilla CigarsTatiana Vanilla Cigars
Tatiana Cigars are one of the leading flavored cigars in the world.   Every cigar is expertly finished with premium quality flavors.  Sweet & Mild!





West Indies CigarsWest Indies Vanilla Cigars
West Indies cigars have a nice vanilla aroma and taste, but it’s not an overtly flavored cigar. It’s the perfect amount for your palate. A fairly mild cigar that is smooth but has hints of sweet vanilla throughout the smoke.



Deans Vanilla CigarsDeans Flavored 100’s
Miniature flavored cigars packaged in packs of 20 cigars.  Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 for a total of 200 mini flavored cigars.
















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