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Single malt scotch whisky is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.  It is a complex and versatile spirit that you can enjoy as an aperitif, alongside a meal, after dinner or as a nightcap.   This wonderful spirit is making its way into premium cigars.   Grab a cigar and relax, because this adds some great flavor to any cigar!

Here is a list of the cigars which contain whiskey in their flavoring. 



CAO Eileen Dream CigarsCAO Eileen Dream Cigars
A combination of Irish Creme and White Chocolate Truffles.  Irish Creme made from superior Irish Whiskey, frothed cream and fresh coconut milk.  White Chocolate Truffles subtly blend hazelnut paste, ground almonds, cocoa and vanilla extract.  An absolute treat to smoke!





Makers Mark Cigars BoxMakers Mark Cigars
This beautiful smoke is the combination of a premium Dominican cigar aged and combined with one of the best known bourbons in the world. The cigar offers a rich taste with a remarkably smooth finish and the relaxing effects from the scent and flavor of the Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey.



Tatiana Classic TRIO Waking Dream CigarsTatiana Waking Dream Cigars
Vanilla Creme, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Single Malt Whiskey.
Relaxing & Smooth bodied cigar!
































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