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Everyone loves a fresh orange!  Now you can enjoy that same great flavor in a cigar.   Not as juicy as the real thing, but they sure are tasty!

Here is a list of the cigars which contain orange in their flavoring.  Since mandarin is part of the orange family, we listed mandarin here as well.



CAO Karma Sutra CigarsCAO Karma Sutra
A fusion of ripened Hawaiian mango and chocolate mint blended together in a very unique aromatic cigar.  Then just a dap of orange, green apple, cookie dough, and anise are added to add even more complexity to the flavor.





Primetime Happy Hour Cosmo CigarsHappy Hour Cosmo Cigars
Cranberry flavored mini cigars with a hint of orange!  They are a mild, 100% tobacco little cigar with an impressive flavor and aroma that is sure to please you!  



Heavenly Torpedo CigarsHeavenly “Dreamsicle” Cigars
An old time favorite flavor now in a cigar!  Delicious orange is combined with the famous Heavenly creamy vanilla flavor to bring you a cigar to tease your taste buds.  Unique, sweet and delicious to smoke!





Oliveros Cigars BoxOliveros Orange Cigars
Oliveros Long Lady takes traditional handmade cigar making to the next level.  Premium tobacco and a touch of sweet oranges creates a flavor infusion that you will love to smoke!



Tatiana Dolce Mandarin CigarsTatiana Mandarin Cigars
Tatiana Cigars are one of the leading flavored cigars in the world.   Every cigar is expertly finished with premium quality flavors.   Mild and delicious!








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