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Chocolate contains over 1500 flavor components. Just like the minute distinctions in wine, and in coffee, chocolate can have a complex layering of distinctive notes. And just like wine and coffee, many influences are at work creating these nuances. These influences include the type of cacao beans used in the blend, whether criollo, forastero, or trinitario; specific regional variations; the process of fermentation and roasting as well as the beans' growing conditions.  These variations can cause subtle differences. 

When combined with cigar tobacco which also has thousands of flavor components, you are in for a unique experience when smoking a chocolate cigar.  The taste of the chocolate and tobacco will vary in complexity and strength from brand to brand.   Its also common for chocolate flavoring to be paired up with coffee, almonds, or even port wine.

Here is a list of the cigars which contain chocolate in their flavoring.  Note that some cigars also have other unique flavors in combination with the chocolate flavoring, like coffee/espresso.



CAO Earth Nectar CigarsCAO Earth Nectar
An all natural blend of toasted almonds, cocoa, honey and raisins combine with an infusion of the finest chianti to embellish a fine blend of tobaccos and finished with a grade-one Cameroon wrapper.





CAO Eileen Dream CigarsCAO Eileen Dream
Irish Creme made from superior Irish Whiskey, frothed cream and fresh coconut milk.  White Chocolate Truffles subtly blend hazelnut paste, ground almonds, cocoa and vanilla extract.



Heavenly Torpedo CigarsHeavenly Chocolate
You can taste the sweet chocolate throughout the entire cigar.  And just think, you can smoke a whole box and probably not gain a single pound!  These are a treat to smoke and smell great!





Heavenly Torpedo CigarsHeavenly Mocha Cream
You can taste the coffee, ice cream, whipped cream and almond extract throughout the entire cigar.    These are a treat to smoke!



Helix Remix Cigar BoxHelix Remix Cafe Royale
Every Helix Cafe Royale cigar is handmade with premium tobacco.   The smoke is mild with a sweet, aromatic, but not overwhelming, coffee/mocha flavor.





Isla Del Sol Robusto CigarsIsla Del Sol
Every Isla del Sol cigar is full of flavor that can be described as having a taste similar to sweet espresso. With hints of mocha, and coffee, the Isla del Sol cigar is a creamy, delicious cigar.



Java Maduro Cigars BoxJava Cigars
Java cigars have a sweet deep mocha java flavor and aroma.  The filler and binder are a blend of rich tasting Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with coffee & chocolate.  Medium bodied with deep chocolate flavor and aroma.





Oliveros Cigars BoxOliveros
Oliveros Long Lady takes traditional handmade cigar making to the next level.  Premium tobacco and a touch of rich chocolate creates a flavor infusion that you will love to smoke!



Primetime Chocolate-Mint Cigar PacksPrimetime Chocolate Mint
Miniature flavored cigars packaged in packs of 10 cigars.  Each carton contains 10 packs of 10 for a total of 100 mini flavored cigars.  Medium bodied smoke with lots of flavor.  Aromatic and sweet!





Tabak Especial Cigars BoxTabak Especial Cigars
Jonathan Drew has carefully influenced Esteli-grown long-leaf tobaccos with the robust nuances of Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans. The result is a rich tobacco core layered with savory espresso notes and a touch of milk chocolate, all perfectly balanced by by a sweet, velvety aftertaste.



Tatiana Lavita Chocolate CigarsTatiana Chocolate Cigars
Tatiana Cigars are one of the leading flavored cigars in the world.   Every cigar is expertly finished with premium quality flavors.  Sweet & Mild!





Tatiana Classic TRIO Night Cap CigarsTatiana Night Cap Cigars
Vanilla over Marcona Almonds, Cafe Arabica & Criollo Cocoa.   You will want to sit back and do nothing but smile as you smoke this cigar.   Its that good!



Deans Chocolate CigarsDeans Flavored 100’s
Miniature flavored cigars packaged in packs of 20 cigars.  Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 for a total of 200 mini flavored cigars.
















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