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Amaretto is an Italian liquor flavored with parts of fruits that imbue the liquor with an almond flavoring. It is a very popular drink both in mixers and chilled over ice, and it has what many people describe as a dessert feel. The word amaretto means “somewhat bitter” in Italian and refers to the slightly bitter aftertaste amaretto sometimes has.

Overall, the taste of amaretto is very sweet with a strong taste of almonds, leading many people to describe it as a sort of liquid marzipan. It wasn’t imported into the United States until the 1960s, but since its introduction, it has rapidly become one of the most popular drinks for making cocktails, desserts, and even premium flavored cigars.

Here is a list of the cigars which contain almonds/amaretto in their flavoring.   Some are a mixture of flavors which include amaretto while others are solely amaretto flavored:



CAO Earth Nectar CigarsCAO Earth Nectar
An all natural blend of toasted almonds, cocoa, honey and raisins combine with an infusion of the finest chianti to embellish a fine blend of Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos and finished with a grade-one Cameroon wrapper.





CAO Eileen Dream CigarsCAO Eileen Dream
A combination of Irish Creme and White Chocolate Truffles.  Irish Creme made from superior Irish Whiskey, frothed cream and fresh coconut milk.  White Chocolate Truffles subtly blend hazelnut paste, ground almonds, cocoa and vanilla extract.



Heavenly Corona CigarsHeavenly Amaretto
The natural flavor of amaretto is combined with Heavenly love and premium tobacco.  A medium bodied cigar with a sweet tip.  Perfect with a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite bourbon.





Helix Remix Cigar BoxHelix Remix Amaretto
Every Helix Amaretto cigar is handmade with premium tobacco.   The smoke is mild with a sweet, aromatic, but not overwhelming, amaretto flavor.



Island Cigars BoxIsland Amaretto Cigars
Island Amaretto flavored cigars are carefully crafted using 100% natural tobacco and the sweet flavor of Amaretto liquor. This is the most aromatic cigar offered in the Island Collection.





Miami Suites Amaretto CigarsMiami Suites Amaretto
Miami Suites cigars are created with an imported Natural Wrapper in five deliciously aromatic flavors.



Oliveros Cigars BoxOliveros Amaretto Cigars
Oliveros takes traditional handmade cigar making to the next level. That’s because the philosophy behind their cigars is that flavor should not be added to mask a mediocre tobacco taste, rather it should enhance what is there already.





Tatiana Dolce Amaretto CigarsTatiana Amaretto
Crafted from high quality tobacco, every cigar is expertly finished with premium quality flavors.   The end result is a smooth cigar which will delight your senses and fill the room with a wonderful aroma.



Tatiana Classic TRIO Night Cap CigarsTatiana Night Cap Cigars
Vanilla over Marcona Almonds, Cafe Arabica & Criollo Cocoa.   You will want to sit back and do nothing but smile as you smoke this cigar.   Its that good!
























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